Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review : Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids (Magical, Spellbinder & Marshmallow)

Hello my sweethearts! :)

Today i have a very lovely post for you girls. I wanna talk about the Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids! I only discovered Covo Cosmetics this year when they opened a new branch at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. At that time, there was a promotion on their liquid lipsticks. You buy 3 Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids for RM 99. And i was like hell yeah, i wanna get those! Plus, i love matte liquid lipsticks. It's in trend now and i have to say, the Covo ones are amazing. I got 3 shades; Magical, Spellbinder and Marshmallow. 

Magical is a true red colour. It's the most perfect red colour in my opinion. It looks almost like MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. I got this shade because i don't have a liquid lipstick in the colour red. 

The next shade that i got is Spellbinder. Spellbinder is a typical me-shade. You guys know that i look my bright fuchsia pinks! I got this shade thinking that it will be a dupe for MAC Flat Out Fabulous but it's not. It's doesn't have that berry hint that MAC Flat Out Fabulous has. Regardless, it is still a gorgeous shade. 

The next shade is the lightest shade in the range. It's called Marshmallow. Marshmallow is a bright peachy pink shade. I personally think this is the most wearable shade for everyday. 

Especially if you're the type of girl that prefers neutral colours. I would so rock a bright pink or red lipstick any day of the week. So everything is wearable for me. Hahaa. Anyways, these are the shades swatched on my hand. Aren't they just so gorgeous? 

Okay, on to the packaging. The packaging of these Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids are awesome! Why is it awesome? Because it comes with a freaking mirror! Like how considerate is that? I usually have to use my iPhone front camera whenever i want to retouch my lips when i'm out. Now with this, boy, i don't need to whip out my phone for that. And it comes with a nice sized doe-foot applicator. I like that. 

The consistency of the product is light and thin yet it is super pigmented. You don't need to apply a second layer to get that opaque coverage on your lips. Plus, these are not drying at all. They dry to a very matte finish on your lips but they don't dry your lips out. I can actually use them without a lip balm, believe it or not. Apparently they contain some kind of Vitamin E that keeps your lips hydrated. These Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids are long lasting as well. I can wear it the whole day without needing to reapply it. It's kind of like wearing the MAC Retro Mattes lipsticks. Hehee. 

I have to say, these are pretty good lip products. I give the Covo Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Fluids a 10/10 just because it is perfect to me and i don't see any flaws. Have you girls tried this liquid lipstick before? If yes, let me know your thoughts on them too! 

I love you all <3 



  1. I swatched this once and fell in love with it!!! I am waiting and waiting and waiting for a promotion but arrrgggghhhhh nothing yet! Have you tried the Elianto ones?

    1. Elianto had liquid lipsticks? :O Omg, i didn't know!

    2. Yes they do. Quite new to their products actually. The line is called Brilliant Riche Lip Colour.

      If you do plan to try them I would suggest staying away from the lighter colours as they can be very patchy and streaky (especially N05; Bold). The true red colour (06; Wild) is probably the best colour. I think they also released some new shades. I saw a gorgeous mauve shade a few days ago but I was reluctant to buy because I already have the red one. The assistant told me that the mauve shade just arrived that day (Thursday). Just make sure you swatch them first before buying.

      Just so you know they're having some Raya sales at the moment so it might be worth checking them out. They're also doing some promotions at MV center court if you wanna check them out.

    3. Oh awesome! :) Okay, i shall definitely make a trip to my nearest Elianto store (the one at 1 Utama) and check them out. I love liquid lipsticks. Thanks babe for your recommendation! xxx